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Master Link - 3/4"-1.5"

Master Link - 3/4"-1.5"

Mr. Chain


Whether you're looking to combine multiple lengths of chain, repair broken links, or attach plastic chain to a post or stanchion, Master Links are your go-to solution.

Designed with precision, Master Links provide a secure and reliable connection for any plastic chain project. Simply align the ends of the chain you wish to connect and insert them into a Master Link. With a firm snap, the link securely holds the lengths together, creating a durable bond that withstands regular use.

Available in a variety of sizes and colors that perfectly correspond to Mr. Chain's standard options, you can achieve a flawless and uniform appearance throughout your chain installations.

With the ability to match the color of your existing chain, Master Links seamlessly blend in, giving your project a professional and cohesive look.

Sold in convenient packs of 10.

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