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Connect-ALL Straps

Connect-ALL Straps

Mr. Chain


Create a visual barrier between bollards, delineators, or posts with the Connect-ALL.

Crafted from durable thermoplastic elastomer, this flexible strap fastens tightly to 2 or 3 Inch Plastic Barrier Chain (sold separately) and is designed to fit around any post or pole to create a barrier that signifies a potential hazard, outlines a safe pathway, or forms a secure work area.

Choose from a single Connect-ALL, or pick up a kit that includes (2) Connect-ALLs and 25 feet of our 2 Inch Plastic Barrier Chain.

Available in two lengths:

Small: Will fit up to an 11-inch circumference.

Large: Will fit up to a 17-inch circumference.

We recommend using 2 Inch Plastic Chain in combination with the Connect-ALL. Plastic chain is not included.

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