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4" x 56" Fluted Bollard Cover

4" x 56" Fluted Bollard Cover



Keep your warehouse or production floor safe with 4” x 56”, fluted bollard covers. All Eagle bollard post sleeves meet OSHA 1910.144 color codes for signifying caution or marking physical hazards that cause slips, trips and falls or machinery with pinch points. Catch the attention of forklift drivers, keep your employees’ hands away from dangerous machinery or designate authorized zones on your production floor with these bright bollard sleeves.

  • Fits standard 4-inch-wide bollard posts, up to 56 inches tall
  • Resilient fluted design allows for more flexibility and durability upon impact
  • Easily trimmed on-site to the exact height required
  • Bright yellow color helps prevent collisions and warehouse injuries
  • Low maintenance – eliminates need for annual painting
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